State Titanium Research and Design Institute of Ukraine


  The State Titanium Research and Design Institute of Ucraine was founded in 1956 as a designer of non-ferrous metallurgy works in former USSR. In 1965, the Titanium Institute became a specialized head institute of the titanium industry in the Soviet Union. Since 1976, it became a leader in the field of magnesium production and a general designer of all titanium-and-magnesium works. Since 1992, the Titanium Institute is a head institute and a general designer of non-ferrous metallurgy works, production of semiconductor and carbon-graphite materials in Ukraine.

Institute consists of the following divisions
  •  Research and development division .
  •  Design division.
  •  Laboratories.
  •  Pilot plant.

 The Titanium Institute is staffed with highly skilled researchers and designers. Their large-scaled developments are widely used and generally recognized in Ucraine and abroad.


                                          Major functions of Institute

  • Investigations
  • Process developments
  • Raw material testing
  • Research and engineering development
  • Technical assistannce in mastering the productions process



Designing Technologies and Production Plants

  • Titania slag production to obtain titanium and titanium dioxide ( pigment ).
  • Titanium, magnesium, allloys, granulated magnesium.
  • Titanium and magnesium powders; articles from titanium powders.
  • Hot metal desulphurization with granulated magnesium.
  • Rear metals zirconium, vanadium, scandium, germanium.
  • Semiconductor materials.
  • Heavy metals zink, lead, nickel, etc.
  • Carbon - graphite materials
  • Electrolytic maganese.
  • Environment protection, development of normative documents, certification of work places
  • Standardization, certification, metrology, analytic control, standard samples, accreditation   of analytic laboratories.

Titanium technology

  • Titania slag production

  • Titanium dioxide ( pigment ) production by chlorite process

  • Titanium tetrachloride high purification production

  • Titanium sponge production

  • Titanium metal production

The Institute offers
  • "Know-how" for technology and equipment;
  • Plant design development in all parts;
  • Development of non-standard equipment detailed drawings;
  • Technical assistance in erection and adjustment of equipment, commissioning and mastering;
  • Technical training of servicing personnel.

 Foreign Economic Relations and Implemented Contracts

  • Israel, Sdom, Dead Sea Magnesium.Tranfer of technology for magesium production by electrolysis in flow line. Plant designing,engineering and development.

  • PRC, Chengde. Establishment of titanium slag production.

  • PRC, Minhe, Dashiqiao. Establishment of granulated magnesium production.

  • PRC, Beijing, Taiyuan. Introduction of technology for magnesium refining, plant development.

  • Canada, "Magnola". Transfer of technology for magnesium refining, plant development.

  • Australia, Icelan, Congo, Canada. Feasibility Study for Magnesium Project.

  • Kazastan, UKTMP. Design and introduction of the furnace for titania slag productinon, highly produtive electrolysis cells for magnesium, apparatus for titanium reduction.

  • And etc.






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